Warcraft Trolls Contest

Our first ever Warcraft Trolls Contest is here!

First Prize: A Fey Dragon portrait of your character and a Hearthstone Beta Key.


Runner Up: A Hearthstone Beta Key.

To enter send an email with “Contest” in the subject line to wctrolls@gmail.com and tell us which character you want to see get more development in WoD and why. Winner chosen at random, answers discussed on next week’s show!

No really, email us.

2 Responses to Warcraft Trolls Contest

  1. I want more lore about Gorgonna. She seems to be the leader orcs need now more than ever. She is not weak, but is willing to have mercy. She is smart, and brave. She stands up for what she believes, and understands the old horde for what it was, wile not being a part of it. She has the ability to lead and work with others.

    That said she is also female, witch is a big bonus. It is a even bigger bonus that she is not attached to some man as if she was just a prop for his story.

  2. Justin Comp/ Docozz

    Looking forward to seeing where Vojin fits in since becoming the leader of the horde plus my own Troll to see how kick they will look.

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