Warcraft Trolls Contest

Our first ever Warcraft Trolls Contest is here!

First Prize: A Fey Dragon portrait of your character and a Hearthstone Beta Key.


Runner Up: A Hearthstone Beta Key.

To enter send an email with “Contest” in the subject line to wctrolls@gmail.com and tell us which character you want to see get more development in WoD and why. Winner chosen at random, answers discussed on next week’s show!

No really, email us.

New Website

Here is the new website for the Warcraft Trolls! Yay! We finally have our own subdomain. Check back for more cool stuff coming soon!

Warcraft Trolls 064

Meagan and Ward mill over more thoughts on Warlords of Draenor while still trying to recover from Con Plague. Also, spiders attack mid episode for extra action.

Warcraft Trolls 063

Meagan and Ward give their BlizzCon impressions, from their hotel room right after the show ended. There were beers and a quite a lot of rambling.

Warcraft Trolls 062

Meagan and Ward wind up for their BlizzCon  adventures! But still find plenty of time to ramble.

Warcraft Trolls 061

Meagan and Ward stay in the swing of Halloween with a discussion of horror movies and the horror of trying to gear alts.

Warcraft Trolls 060

Meagan and Ward discuss the greatest WoW holiday, along with a song that the WoW community helped put together! “This is Hallow’s End” creadits:

Rho – Realm Maintenance – http://realm-maintenance.com/

Marconin – Azeroth After Hours – http://azerothafterhours.com/

Mark – Shaman Rongar – HearthPro – http://hearthstone.blizzpro.com/

DeGei – http://about.me/DeGei

Liz – The Devil Wears Transmog – http://www.devilwearstransmog.com/

Valentine – WoW Uncenscored – http://wowuncensoredshow.podomatic.com/

Odynus – The Lockhead Journals – http://audioavatar.blogspot.com/

Partshark – Troll in the Dungeon Podcast – http://trollinthedungeonpodcast.blogspot.com/

Warcraft Trolls 059

Meagan and Ward talk about raiding, their Pandaria bucket lists and diverge into Blizzard Dev fan fiction territory.

Warcraft Trolls 058

Meagan and Ward discuss their adventures on the Alliance, and digress into discussing Joss Wheadon’s body of work.

Warcraft Trolls 057

Meagan and Ward get lost on the Timeless Isle this week, and in several off topic rants, including nostalgic anime and horror movies.